Kim’s test post

Kim is just checking to see if when she types words into a table if it cuts the words off. So far it has not. ;aosihfe;alsdkfhj;asdfjl;askdjf;lasdjkf;laskdjf;lasjkdf;laskdjf;alsdkfj;asldkfj;alskdfj;alsdkfjals ;dkfjals;dkfads here is a word and yes it cut the word off. ;aksdfjal;skdfja;lskdfjals; just testing another word and again it cut it off. test test test test test test capability ;alksdfjals;kdfja;lsdkfj;alskdfja;lsdkfjas;dlkfja;slkdjf;aslkdjf testing ;alskf;alskdjf;alskdfj;aslkdfj;aslkdfj;alskdfj;alskdfj;aslkdfj;alskdfj gone again a;lskdfjas;lkdfjas;ldkfjas;ldkjf;aslkdjfa;slkdfj;aslkdfj;aslkdjf carrots ;alskdfj;alskdjfas;ldkfjas;ldkfj;alskdjf;asldkfj;asldkfj;aslkdjf; email address a;lskdfja;sldkjfas;lkdfj;aslkdjf;alskdjf;alskdjf;alskdjf;aslk needing to add a code so I just added a code and now I will test it but it did not work. Why is the code not working perhaps it is in the wrong place but I do not know where to put a code or how to enter a code so that it applies to an entire table.
this is the second row