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Tutorial part 1: Some background you need to know

Learn how to explore Reflectogram Prototypes here:

Tutorial part 2: Exploring content from Prototypical Reflectograms

Finally, learn how to search for useful information associated with specific presenting concerns here:

Tutorial part 3: How to search for useful information associated with specific presenting concerns

If you prefer reading instead of watching tutorial videos, here you are!:

This website is designed to help therapists/practitioners collaborate with their clients in working out their “Presenting Concerns”.

This trial version includes one overarching Presenting concern: “Conduct Problems”

This trial version includes 6 categories of “Conduct Problems”: (1) Protesting (2) Counterattacking (3) Caving (4) Ignoring (5) Cheating (6)Insecurity/Questioning)

Information about these categories is organized in Interpersonal Patterns (“IPs”), which in turn organized through prototypical REFLECTOGRAMS . You will probably need to get familiar with the notion of “Reflectogram” to find this website useful (Learn more about “Reflectograms” and the IP-scope here). You may also need to other approaches to family therapy informing content in this website, such as narrative therapy, solution focused therapy, or bringforthist therapy).

Each of the 6 categories of problem has at least one prototypical reflectogram associated with it, where we hope you will find useful information about possible IPs.

For example, you can explore the content of this prototypical (1) Protesting reflectogram (its associated PIPs, SCIPs, and TIPs) opening this link on a new tab or window. By scrolling the mouse over the different IPs you will be able to explore:

  1. SCIPs feeding the prototypical PIP
  2. SCIPs feeding the prototypical HIP
  3. TIPs that may help moving from PIP to HIPs
  4. Other slightly different PIPs within the same “Protesting” category.

You will also find on each page/post in this website a space for you to ‘Leave a Reply’. Please don’t hesitate to use this to help us improve the website: you may contribute with your questions, suggestions, and your own IPs! We thank you in advance. Learn more about how to give us feedback.

You can access all this information in several ways, here we highlight two strategies. You can either enter a keyword in the search box or search by exploring a pre-defined category of information. You can do both from our Homepage.

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