Some ideas that could foster “setting and tolerating boundaries” (#30)

  • “Setting and enforcing some rules may help peaceful coexistence” 
  • “Asking for help makes you stronger”
  • “You need a village to raise a kid”
  • “Most of the time you can control how you respond to violence and avoid escalation”
  • “Inner negative voices sometimes block positive voices”
  •  “I can give myself time to think how you want to respond”
  • “I can give others the opportunity to hear more positive voices”
  • “Experimenting natural consequences of harming behavior can be a source of learning”
  • “Anger is not the best friend of good thinking”
  •  “Anger can be understandable, despite not ‘agreeing’ with it”
  •  “Helping express anger with words may prevent its expression with insults/throwing objects/hitting”
  •  “I am not against them; I am against violence”
  • “It is not about ‘wining’ battles; it is about resisting violence”.
  • “Violent behavior is not acceptable; self-defence is”
  • “My intention may not be enough to obtain what I am after”
  • “It is easier to notice what bother you from a relationship than how you may contribute to it”
  • “You need two to tango”
  • “There are no bad people, only bad contexts; you need the right context to learn the right thing”
  •  “I can only control how I respond”
  • “Everyone can make, learn from, and make up for mistakes”.
  • “Disrupting bad things is just”

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