Some “truths” linked to “Blaming and Criticizing” (#2)

  • “It’s the only way to educate my child, they should recognize and correct their mistakes”
  • “They don’t understand it’s for their own good” 
  • “My son is doing it on purpose” 
  • “They are lazy”
  • “They do not want to understand”
  • “They do not want to be responsible for their mistakes”
  • “They do not want to take responsibility for their actions”
  • “They are coward, they do not want to confront the problem”
  • “My parents don’t love me, that’s why they criticize me” 
  • “My daughter wants to manipulate me” 
  • “He is “just” a child; he must listen and obey”
  • “I was the same when I was a child, I would escape when it was convenient”
  • “The old values has been lost (authority, respect)”
  • Add one yourself

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