Some “truths” linked to “losing control” (#1)

  • “Kids should always comply with their parents”
  • “Kids are unable to self-control”
  • “My daughter wants to manipulate (or control) me”
  • “My child is bad”
  • “My child is defiant”
  • “My child has ODD (oppositional defiant disorder)”
  • “He is just like his father; it’s genetic”
  • “I was the same as a kid”
  • “I must intervene; If I let them alone, they will kill each other”

3 thoughts on “Some “truths” linked to “losing control” (#1)”

    1. “don’t be hipocrite; if I can’t have it then you can’t have it either (or “we should all have equal rights in the family”)
      “She is still young for that (imposing ‘age appropriate’ behaviors)”

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