Prototype for “Protesting”

Exercising outer control – Losing control

Often associated with Presented Concerns such as: beating, blowing up, defending, defying, denying, fights, hyperactivity, imposing, insulting, lack of self-control, losing control, manipulating, melting down, misbehaving, neglecting, opposing, outburst, pressuring, protesting, regressive behavior, resisting injustice, restlessness, self-protecting, yelling, hitting, Bitterness exasperation fury indignation irritation madness outburst resentment temper violence blowup explosion ire storm tantrum upset rage swearing fighting excluding judging intolerance tolerating differences correcting commanding temper, aggression

Prototype for “Insecurity”

Questioning the other – Questioning oneself

Often associated with Presented Concerns such as: anguish anxiety clamming up distress getting anxious insecurity invalidation isolating lack of confidence questioning self-esteem scrutinizing hiding fear worry concern doubt panic timidity judging criticizing excluding distancing tolerating differences