Tips for co-building “cooperation” (via extraordinary event)

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Objective Guide questions
Explore extraordinary events Was there ever a cooperating child? Have you ever decided Cooperate? What did you do right after, when you noticed that she was self-control? How did she respond when you did that? What did you do that time, that allowed her to exercise self-control? If by exploring this episode in depth, we could learn something about your ability to foster cooperation, would you be interested?
Internalize personal agency You said you did something different that time, how did you do it? How you were able to stop the autopilot (p. for example, refrain from shouting that were going to do what you asked), and try a more communication mode effective, for her to take initiative or be a cooperator? Was there anything distinguishing that you thought or observed or felt that made you stronger, as to do something different than usual?
Connect with the person’s skills Where Learned? What does it say of you this skill, and been able to respond differently? What kind of the person are you?
Recruit a support team Who could help you facilitate cooperation/be more cooperative? Who could help you help? If you is gaining the out of control What can your dad do? Who more could help you? Who more could help them? Who could I help your dad help you?
Inquire of the event extraordinary to the future If your dad wanted to train patience, how would you notice he’s making an effort? How would you respond to his effort? If you had your mom, I’d have a better chance of ask you for some things calmly, what do you think would happen to the problem? How much would your presence and influence decrease in the relationship with your dad? What would this mean for you? And for you?

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