Tips to weaken problematic interactions (2) via externalization (#2)

Aims or “steps”

Guiding questions

Negotiate a particular definition of the problem: Problem-saturated description (Name the problem)

How would you call the problem?

“Getting crazy”, “ignoring”, “evading”, “impulse to blame”…or does it have another name “?

On a scale from 1 to 10, thinking 1 is when the problem was at its worst level, in what level would you be now?

Explore the effects of the problem in person’s  life

The problem of ‘the impulse to criticize’ / ‘getting crazy’…makes you do things sometimes you don’t like?

What does it make you do?

What else?

It is a strong powerful problem?

What makes the problem increase?

If we ask mom, how she realizes when ‘getting crazy’ is significantly high?

How is it different at level “4” versus at level “8”?

What would your mom tell me?

How does she realizes the problem is serious?

How else?

What does your mom/dad do when you are under the influence of the problem?      

Explore extraordinary events and their effects to the future (for more details check “tips via extraordinary event”)

Did you ever beat the urge to criticize/  ”getting crazy”?

Did it ever obey you instead of you obeying it by misbehaving?

Have you ever been able to do something with the problem?

How did you notice?

What did you do?

What did the others notice?

What did they do in response to that?

What happened in that occasion?

What did others say about that?

What was the first thing that you noticed?  

Who in your network may have some more ideas about how to better cope with frustration and anger?

Explore effects of the extraordinary event in the future

If (the extraordinary event) happened again in the next weeks, what would happen to the problem?

Would it increase or decrease its influence on your life?

What would this mean for you?

What would change in your life?

What else?






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